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CZ features single-player missions

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (CS: CZ) is a sequel to the original Counter-Strike video game. It’s a shooting video game featuring updated character models, maps, textures, bots, and some tweaks. The game was created to offer single-player gaming in a multiplayer Counter-Strike arena. Apart from two single-player modes, the game comes with both offline and online gaming experience. Though Counter-Strike: Condition Zero download for Windows isn’t available for free, it does come with the famous Counter-Strike video game. The exciting game is easy for beginners while offering real challenges to experienced players!

An exciting addition to the CS franchise!

Counter-Strike has always been one of the most loved battle games. It’s sequel CS Condition Zero is an excellent addition to the franchise. The premise of Condition Zero, the round-based game, is the same as the original and consists of two teams that compete against each other. When the game begins, users can either join the side of the ‘Terrorists’ or the ‘Counter-Terrorists’ until half-time. After half-time, the sides get swapped, wherein the ‘Counter-Terrorists’ become ‘Terrorists,’ and vice versa.

The game begins with a buy time where teams purchase guns, pistols, rifles, and machine guns to beat the other side. Each round lasts about five minutes, and teams have to earn points by either eliminating members of the other side or by completing a team-specific objective. A team wins only when their points score exceeds a fixed amount. All players that die before the game ends become spectators, and their chats and voice messages aren’t visible to live players.

Features ideal for beginners

Now, the reason behind the popularity of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero download for Windows 10 is the offline mode. It is a mode designed to ease newbies into the merciless world of CS online. It comes with 6 challenges, which take a player through a total of 18 missions. To move up a level, a player must complete a total of 3 missions, all of which turn out to be more difficult than the last. Each mission consists of the usual Counter-Strike stuff like defusing bombs, killing enemies, and rescuing hostages.

The game also introduces a tutor system, which assists new players. The system includes instructions on defusing a bomb, ways to rescue hostages, and tips on general gameplay. The tutor can help players within the game and can also be disabled when required. The addition of an extended help system is perfect for newbies to pick up the reins of the game.

Enter bots as teammates

The game Counter-Strike: Condition Zero requires you to defeat more than half a dozen terrorists. To do that, you must have some backup. You can play the game in multiplayer mode with your friends, or you can stay offline and buy bots to stand in as teammates! The introduction of bots in Counter-Strike has allowed users to play the game alone or offline.

The AI-enabled bots are pretty good as both enemies and teammates. Bots also have a price segment, so bots bought for 1 point are a lot worse than bots bought by giving away 4 points. Players can set a global skill level for all bots, instead of individual skill tuning. While you may face glitches in the first few levels, they become much more reliable later in the game.

The gameplay of the two single-player modes

Condition Zero free download comes with two single-player modes called ‘Tour of Duty’ and ‘Deleted Scenes,’ respectively. The former lets players play regular maps within an arcade. The premise remains similar to the original such that a team has to kill enemies, rescue hostages, or complete objectives to win. Certain restrictions accompany these orders, which, once completed, award the user with a point. This point is needed to open the next map or to recruit better bots as teammates.

The second mode, called ‘Deleted Scenes’ offers action driven by a tight storyline. The game lets you take on missions as agents, buy weapons that are not available anywhere else, and complete a few missions. While the premise of this mode is good, the gameplay content does become predictable.

Different multiplayer mode communities

Initially, players of Condition Zero game download were supposed to play with the advanced Counter-Strike gamers. However, that didn’t happen, resulting in two different CS communities. Nevertheless, the multiplayer mode is the same as the first Counter-Strike but with one added feature. CZ players can add several bots to the multiplayer game while playing solo!

Changing the language is easy

If you wish to change the language of the game, you can easily do so by going to the primary CS folder and looking for a rev.ini text file. Once you find it, you need to open it in notepad, search for ‘language’, change it to your desired output, and save.

Graphics and music are yet to be updated

It’s quite surprising that the game hasn’t yet updated its graphics and music. The game creates an impression of being built on the Half-Life engine, which was good a few years ago but not anymore. By today’s standards, the game does seem a bit old-school and could do with a facelift. The segment that has seen an upgrade is the ‘Buy Menu,’ which allows players to customize 4 different packages, which include equipment and weapons. In case you’re not happy with the graphics, you can check out similar games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Earth Defense Force 5, and more.

What is the size of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero?

This version of the game is 660.4 MB and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your PC. However, to function at an optimal level, CZ requires 128 MB RAM, 32 MB video memory, and Intel Pentium 4 @1.3 GHz.

Should I download Counter-Strike: Condition Zero for PC?

If you’ve never played Counter-Strike before but want to start, downloading Condition Zero is the right choice. The first-person shooting game comes with a campaign mode and tutor that allows you to practice, improve speed, accuracy, and shooting skills. These features may not seem very interesting, but they are there to ensure you learn a few Counter-Strike tips and tricks before heading to an online battle.

Similarly, experienced players can enjoy playing the game solo using different AI bots. The more points you gain, the more weapons and bots you get to unlock. Paying money for the game may seem off-putting to some users. Still, players who don’t already have the original will get a proper introduction to CS before transitioning to severe online competition.


  • Designed for both beginners and advanced players
  • Features numerous offline campaign modes
  • Comes with online multiplayer mode
  • Allows bots to stand-in for human players


  • Graphics seem dated
  • The online community is dwindling
  • Lacks the vigor found in new shooting games

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    • Anup Kumar

      by Anup Kumar

      sir can i play this with my friend who lives much far from me

    • Anonymous

      by Anonymous

      Better Game .
      Good game!
      Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is cs:1.6:D
      Almost two equal but CS: CZ is a little better graphics.
      Pro More

    • Anonymous

      by Anonymous

      i like this game..
      i like the game this game is my 10 top of my game because i like the action game the most.

    • Anonymous

      by Anonymous

      not free :(.
      Not full version free. You need to pay for it...  More


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